In celebration of Ronan Keul

Ronan and Dr. Henry today at his last appointment!

Ronan and Dr. Henry today at his last appointment!

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In celebration of Ronan Keul


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This is our way of saying thank you

Six years after it began
with a nuclear bone scan on Christmas Eve,
it ended.
Six years after the wolves bayed at our door
and we held them back with
candles in the bathtub and sorrowful prayers,
it is done.
Five years after our baby finished chemotherapy
for the tumor in his hipbone,
Langerhan's Cell Histiocytosis, LCH,
today was Ronan's last MRI.
He is almost eight years old now.
Today was the last of his 17 MRIs over six years.
Today marked the end of 20 procedures under general anesthesia
each at the gentle hands of Dr. Aubrey Maze
who showed up each time,
like some human version of a Swiss watch.

Today was Ronan's last appointment
with Dr. Michael Henry
the kind, gentle, patient, loving
who walked us through hell.

I have marked these past six years in increments of fear,
but also in daily waves of gratitude.
We, in my family, have fallen apart
and recovered over these years.
We have vanished into the walls
of waiting rooms and treatment rooms
and therapists offices and recovery centers.
We have found the light in our heart and grown
more than we thought possible.
We have been burned in the fire
and walked out brighter
and better if not smoldering.
At some points we were ash...cinder...coal.
Kris and I are almost immobilized by the depth of our gratitude for Ro's health and for Phoenix Children's Hospital....
but it is more than that. It is a crashing of grief, relief, gratitude
and a whole bunch of stuff that doesn't have a name.
Words can't really describe this feeling.
We are deeply celebrating this

LCH is viewed as orphan disease, because it is so rare that there isn’t a lot of funding for research. Our aim is to celebrate Ronan’s journey and beautiful health by fundraising on this page. All of the proceeds will be earmarked specifically for the LCH fund at Phoenix Children's Hospital and will be used as needed.

You will get a dollar-for-dollar tax credit for your donation.

Even if you make a small donation of just $10 you will be helping.

Please join us in our profound gratitude.

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