How much is registration?


  • Walker - Adult - $40.00
Age 13 and above
  • Walker - Child - $10.00

Ages 4 - 12

  • Walker - Child 3 and under - No Fee

Ages 3 and younger

  • Virtual Walker - Adult - $40.00

Age 13 and above

  • Virtual Walker - Child - $10.00

Ages 4 - 12


What is included with my registration?

Each registered participant will receive a 2017 event tee and a battery operated candle.

What is the fundraising minimum?

While fundraising is not required to participate in Ignite Hope, it is strongly encouraged! Please log into your personalized walk center to discover new ways to fundraise! New this year, we have some really great incentive prizes you can earn as a 'Thank You' from us for all of your hardwork! Remember, 100% of proceeds from Ignite Hope is for the kids! If everyone would raise $100, we would break a fundraising record!

If you become an Illuminator and make a monthly pledge of $20 or more (or a one-time gift of $240 or more) your registration fee will be refunded. You can become an Illuminator by clicking here. Please note that fundraising is not required in order to participate.

Can you help me fundraise?

 We want to make your fundraising endeavors easy and fun. We give you all the tools you need to succeed, including an online fundraising page, support from the Ignite Hope Team at Phoenix Children's Hospital Foundation, and other tips and tools.

Do children have to fundraise?

 Children (12 and under) are not required to fundraise. However, all children are encouraged to experience fundraising and will get their own personal fundraising page (which we can deactivate on request). 

How should I send my donations to Phoenix Children's Hospital?

 You can encourage supporters to donate online through your personal fundraising page. If individuals prefer to send in a check, please mail your donations to Phoenix Children’s Hospital Foundation at 2929 E Camelback Road, Ste 122, Phoenix, AZ 85016, Attn: Ignite Hope. All checks should be payable to Phoenix Children's Hospital.


 Do you send acknowledgement letters for contributions?

Phoenix Children's acknowledges all donations of $5 or more and sends receipts for these donations.



What's the benefit of forming a team?

 Forming a team of five or more people is a great way to rally the people closest to you—work friends, relatives, book club—for an important cause. In addition to a personal fundraising page for each walker, teams get a page to showcase their collective fundraising progress.

How do I form a team?

 Team captains can create a team during the registration process.

How do others join my team?

 All team members must register to walk. During registration, walkers can join your team by searching and choosing the team's name.


 If I register before my team captain, can I still join his or her team?

 Yes. Once your team captain has registered, go to your personal fundraising page and click on the drop down box and chose the team you would like to join and click on “Save Fundraising Changes”. You won't have the option to join the team until he or she has registered.

Can I join a team after I've completed the registration process?

 Yes. At any time after you register, you can go to your personal fundraising page and click on the drop down box and chose the team you would like to join and click on “Save Fundraising Changes”.

Is everyone on the team expected to raise $100?

 No. We only encourage everyone to fundraise. The $100 goal is just a suggestion. 



How do I get to the Walk?

 The walk starts and ends at North High School. North HS is located at 1101 E. Thomas Road, Phoenix, AZ 85014. Limited parking is available on campus. Eastbound Thomas Road will be shut down at 4:00pm from 7th Street to Phoenix Children’s. Additional parking will be available in the neighborhoods surrounding North High School. We ask that everyone please be conscious of the neighborhood and the folks that live in the community. Please be respectful with noise, parking and littering. Click here for a parking map.

What is the Walk route?

 The walk route will start at the North High School football field and run north on 12th Street to Thomas Road where it will then run eastbound to Phoenix Children's Hospital. The walk route returning to the high school will be the same.

What security measures are in place?

 Walker safety is a high priority for us. Security personnel and police officers are present throughout the property and along the Walk route.


 Can I push a stroller or wheelchair?

Absolutely—this is a family-friendly event.

Can I jog, rollerblade or bring a scooter?

 For everyone's safety, we ask that all participants walk.

Can I bring my dog?

 We love dogs, but unfortunately pooches can't participate.



Does my child (12 and under) get a Fundraising Page?

 All children (12 and under) registered will get their own Fundraising Page, but they are not required to fundraise.

Can I personalize my page?

 Yes, we hope you will! The more personal your page, the more effective it is. You can personalize it several ways:

  • The page you're assigned contains a generic photograph. We urge you to upload your own photo or even create your own mini gallery!
  • The standard page includes a general message about why people participate in the Walk. We encourage you to replace this message with your own personal statement, tell your story, and explain why you walk for Phoenix Children’s Hospital.


How do people donate to my page?

 Your family and friends can look you up by clicking on the “Support a Walker” button in middle navigation bar. They can then search by name or team. Once your name comes up they can click on “Donate Now” and decide on the dollar amount they would like to donate to your page. After continuing, they will complete the form with how they would like to make the donation.

An email note of gratitude is automatically sent to everyone who makes an online donation to you.

What else can I do with my page?

 You can build an email address book, send personal messages to potential supporters, and a lot more. You can also track your donors and their mailing addresses to make sending a thank you note easy!




The registration event is at a new location this year. It will take place at North High School's football field. Parking is available on campus, but limited. Entrance to campus parking is located on Dayton Street. However additional parking is available in the surrounding neighborhoods. We ask that all Ignite Hope participants be respectful of the residents and the community. 

City Street Closure

  • City of Phoenix will be closing streets at 4:00p.
  • All Thomas Road eastbound lanes will be closed starting from 7th Street to Children's Way (PCH)
  • Westbound Thomas Road lanes will be reduced to 1 lane