Phoenix Children's Hospital 5K 2019

Porter (Center) and his amazing Therapists and Friends
Porter (Center) and his amazing Therapists and Friends

Porter Strong

We have decided to play a role in helping the patients at Phoenix Children’s Hospital by creating a team for the Phoenix Children’s Hospital 5K fun run.  The idea that we can do something for others by staying active is at the heart of Phoenix Children’s Hospital 5K.

We have set fundraising and team member goals and would love to have your support.  Help us by donating, or even better, registering for the event and joining our team. Together we can GO THE DISTANCE!

It has been 15 months since Porter was diagnosed with a brain tumor. We had no idea the journey we would face when on May 10, 2019 he endured a complicated 11 hour surgery to remove the tumor which ended up being wrapped around his brain stem. Because of the initial trauma of the surgery, and many subsequent complications and set backs, Porter was in an acute (coma-like) state for about 5 months following his initial surgery. He started in Outpatient Rehab in July of 2018 and has worked daily for over a year. At first he could barely move on his own. He couldn't talk or communicate in any way. He couldn't eat or do anything for himself. But every day, in true Porter style, we knew he was giving 110%. Slowly we began to see progress. He had to learn to swallow again and move his limbs. His only way to communicate with us was through his laughter. We knew he was in there - fighting to get out - so we kept fighting with him. In December, after weeks of trying, he said his first word. Then he rolled over. Then he started to be able to eat a little. Slowly he fought to regain strength. Porter continues to battle every day. His team of therapists at PCH are truly family to us - they have worked relentlessly for Porter. They have cheered the best moments, and cried in the worst moments, and laughed in the funny times, and celebrated every victory no matter how small. We will be forever blessed to have had the PCH team through this journey. Porter is working each day to be able to take a few independent steps for this 5K! We walk and run for Porter and all the other PCH warriors!


Phoenix Children’s Hospital is Arizona’s only licensed children’s hospital and among the largest in the country. In fact, within five years, one in four Arizona children will have received care from a Phoenix Children’s provider. 


-More than 19,000 patient admissions 
-More than 86,000 visits to our emergency room
-2,600 trauma visits (one of the busiest pediatric trauma centers in the nation)
-More than 135,000 unique patients treated
-Perform more than 16,400 surgeries
-Nearly 300,000 outpatient visits




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